Benefits/Why RJ corp

The group has a diversified business in India and expects a turnover of Rs. 3,000 Crores through its operations.
Currently the group is amid setting up its own branded restaurant chains across the country and food outlets at airport.
RJ Corp, the diversified conglomerate is now looking to expand and tap the unexplored market of Africa with plans to amass $180200 million from food and beverages business this year‘ The African expansion will be besides the group’s India growth plans.
The group already has a dairy business in Uganda and Kenya. And the business in Uganda has been very profitable so far and gives the group enough resources tc fund a large part of the global expansion internally.
Further the company that holds franchisee rights for:
- PepsiCo India’s biggest bottling business
- KFC and Pizza Hut Rataurants
- Coffee chain ‘Costa Coffee’
plans to set up dairy business in Rwanda and Tanzania by mid 2010 through buyouts or greenfield ventures.
In beverages,RJ Corp Plan to establish three greenfield plan this year—in Zambia by April-May.and one each in Zimbabwe and malawi by the year-end.
Also the company has a plant in Mozambique ,which has been opreational since early last year,and owns franchisee botting rights in the other three countries.
Having moved far with the beverages how can the company fall short on food one of the basic necessities of life.Thus It has plans for KFC and Pizza Hut in Africa,for which it had acquired franchisee right in the key markets there.The first KFC outlet in Nigeria’s lagos was set up last month and Kfc happens to be the first International food chain in the country.
Further the company Plans to set up 50 KFC Stores in Nigeria over the next three years and expects a turnover off $30-35 million by 2010 from these KFC Stores.