Cryobank International

Cryobanks International USA, a leader in the stem cell banking with its high aims and ambitions to have a footing in India, laid their trusts in RJ Corp and signed a JV in 2006. And thus came into existence Cryobanks International India
It wished to have largest inventory holder of cord blood stem cells in India for both family storage & public donation, have a total of seven cord blood banks all over India to have stem cell inventory, covering maximum ethnicities in India. In addition it also wanted to be a part of stem cell research initiative of India by becoming major source of all types of stem cells to various research institutions with in the country.
The Cryobanks India under the leadership of Mrs Dhara Jaipuria and with the able guidance of Dr. Naresh Trehan, one of the country‘s best-known cardiac surgeons, has set up the first modem, state-of-the-art cord blood stem cell bank in North India at Gurgaon. It aims to become one of the largest cord blood stem cell bank and a highly specialized training centre in the field of cord blood banking. Cryobanks India will have special focus on research of stem cell therapies as a potential treatment for cardiac diseases and diabetes.
Cryobanks India has set up 28,000 square feet, state—of-the-art stem cell processing and banking facility in Gurgaon, Haryana. With in two years of operation and an initial investment of 25 crore, Cryobank India has in store more than 4000 stem cells. It provides facility of collection from all major cities in India and follows the “Closed bag” collection method for harvesting cord blood stem cells which greatly reduces the possibility of contamination of cord blood. Cryobanks has a team of medical professionals who have been extensively trained, certified and educated in cord blood processing and Quality Assurance processes at Cryobanks Intemational, Inc., U.S.A. And the company is working towards national and international collaborations to provide the “best of class” facilities in stem cell industry in India.