Modern Montessari School

Modern Montessori International (MMI) India is RJ Corp’s initiative that promises to impart “education by means of liberty in a prepared environment”. The environment that consists of good infrastructure and Education resources that are displayed in ordered fashion, so that the child learn independenoe, self direction and sharing from the pre-school itself.
MMI India has four schools in Gurgaon, Delhi & Jaipur. And on 1st August09, MMI celebrated its 6 years (changed the no of years from 5 to 6 years as per “09) of success and excellence in preschool education.
In order to broaden the horizons of access to its schools MMI plans 14 more schools by 2010 (please confirm the data and progress). The Group will bear 51 per cent equity stake and will invests Rs. 200-crore in Indian operations in the next five years. In the long run the group is targeting to initiate 20 schools each year with an investment of Rs. 5 crore per school.
MMI conditions and moulds its students as per its five traditional areas of education, which are:
Practical Life Exercise- aimed to provide real life; practical and wholesome range of activities that would help the child imbibe and develop several control and coordination traits.
Sensorial Training-aimed to sensitise the child about its five senses and develop an understanding of smell, sight, sound, touch and taste that lay foundation for Mathematics, Geometry, Geography, Botany, Art, Music, etc.
Further the child gradually develops to use the multi-sensory approach that combines phonics, stories and language experiences to bring meaning to the learning of reading and writing. This equips the child to utilize all his/her senses to help him/her read and write with proper understanding and not simply mug up things by heart.
Montessori Mathematics-is an activity-based programme that allows your child to have hands-on experience in learning mathematical concepts.
Apart from Modern Montessori International (MMI) India, RJ Corp also has its Franchise agreement with DPS at Gurgaon and Jaipur.